Wildflower Walks in Andalucia

I headed off with (Dim) Jim yesterday morning up the hills behind our house and hadn´t been gone long when I wished I´d my camera. Even though we´re now into June the wildflowers were incredible.

A huge and diverse array and display. I don´t usually pick flowers, I prefer to see them growing and not dying, but with no camera I decided to take some home to photograph there.

This year, and it seems every year since chemical weedkillers were stopped, the flowers have been just gorgeous. Normally mid May would be the best time to see them, this year because of a couple of rainy days they´ve gone on and on.

We had four ladies stay at Casa El Reguelo and we took them to the Via Verde de Aceite to walk and cycle. They were in awe of the diversity of flowers and the peace at our holiday home, they´ll be back they say.

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