Alhaurin el Grande - Villa El Corcho

Villa El Corcho

A lovely secluded rental not far from Malaga can be found at Villa El Corcho situated near Alhaurin El Grande, a superb little hide-out escape for just Hubby and I, the first two nights away together leaving all three sons at home.

Being late September the pool was a little on the chilly side, but wanting to check it all out, I braved it and hubby had to follow! Not impressed was he. I thawed him out by suggesting a skinny dip later. Not in the pool but in the hot tub under the stars.

After a stroll down to the road to a great un-advertised bar in some stables we sampled wine and dined on tapas next to several contented horses. Having taken our fill the moon lit our path villa-ward and under the stars with glass in hand our hard days work was soothed away in the warm spa tub.

The following day we explored the time-warped mill El Molino Moriscos de Los Corcho just a couple of kms down the windy back road and interrupted a wedding photography session by the overgrown stream and gorgeous grounds, how romantic.

The bits of machinery appealed more to Hubby and we soon had an explantion in Spanish how The Moors engineering skills began the mill process and sluice gates and drive wheels and...

Yes it was fascinating but could have been shorter...

A superb location, great escape and would certainly return, preferably without the kids again.

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