Enough Computer, Get Some Fresh (Hot) Air

When my youngest son (twelve) announced I´d spent too much time on the computer today and needed some fresh air I scrounged an extra fifteen minutes (3 or 4 at a time) and out came the bikes.

Having found an old bike bag in a dirty, dusty, chuckable state and being the horder I am, I washed it. Well as I had to go out on my bike I had the bright idea to take my camera with me and what to put it in?

Exactly, hording pays, but only when it´s recent or I don´t remember I´ve kept it or where I put it anyway.

So camera in velcro-on bike bag off we go, but not very far down the road is my first shot, so a little pause. And then another and guess what? I´m in trouble again!

"Are we going on a bike ride or a bike stop and start"

Here´s the pick of the those I managed to snap, see what a lovely area I live in?

View towards Casa El Reg├╝elo

Old Olive Processing Factory Going to Ruin

Roadside Camomile and Borage

Poppies, Olive Trees and Wispy Clouds in Blue Sky

Old Olive Oil Factory From Above with Pink Snapdragons