Enough Computer, Get Some Fresh (Hot) Air

When my youngest son (twelve) announced I´d spent too much time on the computer today and needed some fresh air I scrounged an extra fifteen minutes (3 or 4 at a time) and out came the bikes.

Having found an old bike bag in a dirty, dusty, chuckable state and being the horder I am, I washed it. Well as I had to go out on my bike I had the bright idea to take my camera with me and what to put it in?

Exactly, hording pays, but only when it´s recent or I don´t remember I´ve kept it or where I put it anyway.

So camera in velcro-on bike bag off we go, but not very far down the road is my first shot, so a little pause. And then another and guess what? I´m in trouble again!

"Are we going on a bike ride or a bike stop and start"

Here´s the pick of the those I managed to snap, see what a lovely area I live in?

View towards Casa El Regüelo

Old Olive Processing Factory Going to Ruin

Roadside Camomile and Borage

Poppies, Olive Trees and Wispy Clouds in Blue Sky

Old Olive Oil Factory From Above with Pink Snapdragons

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