Pontevedra in my Dreams

Yesterday I went to Pontevedra "right up north" about half an hour from Santiago de Compostela. OK so I was there via an English lesson with a local Spanish lady on Skype, but it sounds great. Another must-visit on my loooooong list for Spain let alone the rest of Europe and many undiscovered treats in the UK.

The town of Pontevedra I´m told serves the best seafood in the whole of Spain and be prepared to put on weight when you visit. The people are hard workers and work far more than the southerners (that´s me, although adopted.)

It´s also home to major fish processing factories and I´ve been told to check my tins of seafood when purchasing because quite frequently giant squid is passed off as octupus!

This isn´t a huge problem for me. Giant squid or octopus only feature in my diet in restaurants and fresh, not as a tinned item and prepared at home, I wouldn´t know what to do with it.

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