Pedometers, Any Recommended Ones?

I found my pedometer, the batteries didn´t work. I bought some new batteries and mislaid the pedometer. This sort of thing happen to you?

Finally found both and got them into hubby´s hands. The darn thing resets itself when the batteries die. Is that normal? Oh for simplicity, I´m too impatient for that sort of thing.

Hopefully now I´ll get to measure some of the walks and get the guides written.

As well as a simpler pedometer I need some new or old worn-in trainers. Mine have holes in the uppers now and dear old (dim) Jim the dog is helping them grow.

I´m reluctant to change them though as even before I get the screen door open he knows what´s about to happen. He gets so excited, even if we go off in the car he´s there at the rear wheel coming with us. Never sure whether that´s clever or the reverse.

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