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Short Story - A Life Changing Day

A little departure from my normal posts but I just saw this short story that I wrote for a competition in my documents file and thought was a waste just sitting there so if you fancy a short story here's my entry for a competition. The rules were not more than 500 words and the theme: May.

I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment or a suggestion for its title. I have written several short stories before, usually hand-written and never quite finished.

A Life Changing Day

It was the sort of bright grey day that caused wrinkle lines. A day that wasn't going to rain but neither was the sun going to peep through that mass of cloud. May felt the beginnings of a headache from squinting so, but was determined to finish the weeding. It was spring her favourite season.
Every day brought about amazing changes. Sticks on shrubs became invisible under fresh young leaves. Seeds became tiny seedlings. Birds twittered away more animatedly than before. Just a bit of sunshine would be l…

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