New Lonely Planet Andalucia Guide

Well, it´s finally here, book release time! The new Lonely Planet Andalucia Guide is due out on 9th June. I´ve just had an email on how to order my free author copies and wasted no time in doing that. It seems a long time ago I had books, papers, leaflets and lists strewn across the table while trying to understand the format to the new guide layout.

Having never worked with a system like that, or contributed to a book before was rather daunting. Following guidelines without a printed book to see the layout, not really knowing what I was doing for quite a while and seeing the deadline approach a little too rapidly, while gadding about researching in the heatwave of last August was tough.

Now it´s a reality, the work of so many people, and I can´t wait to hold a copy in my hands and flick through its pages. Hopefully I´ll see more people heading to my home province of Jaén and exploring its beauty, history, culture and cuisine accompanied by the 66 million olive trees within its border. Give me a shout if you´re heading my way! And I´m looking forward to taking it with me on my jaunts around Andalucia to discover what my co-authors have shared.

Here´s a direct (affiliate) link to see it on

See my post written just after the deadline Autumn in Andalucia.

Update: 23/06/2023 - I have a copy in my hands, see a quick flick through on my Instagram - rachelspaniola

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