Fun and Games on the Road - When Your Car Horn Won´t Stop and Peace is Ruined

I spend quite a lot of time driving around the quiet, windy country lanes and not busy main roads enjoying the mountainous scenery of Jaén province and beyond. Sometimes with clients, often with them following behing in their car, leaving my mind free to wander and wonder where it will. Today my head did no wandering but a lot of wondering. The car horn got stuck. It got stuck on, loudly shouting most of the way home. Fortunately it didn´t start continuously until out of town, just a honking while indicating at first - which confused a few motorists. Then it just blared out, no amount of waggling the indicator stem helped, even stopping and switching off the engine didn´t shut it up. 

So beeping away, laughing and generally trying to not get annoyed by the noise of the constant horn blaring and shrugging my shoulders as cars went passed. The peace of my hamlet ruined, a neighbour gestured ´what are you doing?´ I gestured back ´I haven´t a clue!¨

I arrived home to the dogs barking at me and the sons coming out to meet me with hands over their ears shouting at me. I really didn´t need more noise. Once the battery was disconnected silence reigned again. I counted my blessings that it hadn´t happened the day before when clients were following me to view a house and being over an hour from home. I wouldn´t have had a late lunch of a bought sandwich in Carrefour´s car park with that racket going on. That was a first for me, and hopefully never to be repeated. Just another day in the life of an estate agent on the road and another tale to tell.

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