Camper Vans, Motorhomes and Scenic Road trips in Andalucia, Spain

There's nothing I enjoy more than exploring Andalucia the stunning region where I live. Last Friday hubby and I set off (again) on our quest to decide whether we want a camper van or a motorhome.

Heading south towards Granada we turned off towards the troglodyte town of Guadix and across eastwards along the north side of the Sierra Nevada on the A-308.

This is one of hubby's 'nice roads.' I've started a list of 'his choice' roads - ones that you can see for miles ahead on. A joy to drive, long sweeping curves, flat both sides with stunning views. To be honest driving anywhere in Spain, except cities of course, is quiet, easy and always beautiful but these smaller roads are our favourites.

Crossing Granada province with the sierras as a backdrop to  patchwork plains of golden fields, some already with bales of hay others with a lone tree sitting within. I wonder who planted these fairly short and nicely rounded trees, why and how many shepherds and goatherds have gratefully rested beneath them over the years out of the scorching, relentlessness sun.

Fragrant bright yellow gorse at times towering above the car, a drift of smoke which turns out to be a tractor at work on the dust dry land and the road mostly empty snaking into the distance across the early summer barren landscape.

This stretch is my favourite part of the journey towards Almeria province which then joins the A -92/N-342 we pass quirky, arid Guadix about which a
French geographer said
' Guadix is a city that should not be described; it must be seen.'
I have to agree.

Camper Van or Motorhome?

Our road trip was specifically to see a VW camper van, a beautiful 1979 classic which very sadly was far too worse for wear for us to contemplate buying, but still we still love to see these ancient vans as we had one when we were first married. Looking at campers we think we want a motorhome for comfort of making cups of tea for him and a loo and shower for me! But when we see a motorhome we want a camper for ease of manoeuvring and accessibility. I don't think there'll be a decision made soon but we are certainly enjoying the decision-making process!

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