The Mezquita is a Must Visit in Cordoba

The Mezquita is a definite must when visiting Cordoba, probably the main reason for your visit and rightly so. The enormous Mezquita/Cathedral is absolutely spectacular and no-end of photographs can ever do it justice, which is why I was completely bowled over on my first visit.

The sheer size and ornate-ness is quite overwhelming.  Choose your moment well. My first visit was very near the end of the day and closing time which meant there were few other visitors and certainly no coach parties. I'm sure the emptiness, really there were about four other visitors, a few security guards and me, meant the occasion was even more awe-inspiring. The vast, high, silence. The beauty and singularity. The greatness and immenseness. A work of art with centuries of history merging into uniqueness.

I've been since, taking family usually at busier times of the day and it strikes a chord each time but that first visit and impression was definitely the best.  If you can go alone, or with as few people as possible  it's worth it.

Cordoba has fast become a favourite of mine, each visit has unearthed  new places to visit, things to see and others I want to return to. Here's some of my tips on

What to See and Do in Cordoba City

See an Andalusian Horse Show

Visit the Alcazaba

Take a Moorish Baths at the Hammam Al Andalus

Walk Across the Roman Bridge

Meander the Maze of Narrow Jewish Streets

Visit the Amazing Ruined Moorish City - Medina Azahara ( outside the city)

Take a Segway Tour

Visit in May for the Patios or May Crosses

I hope you enjoy Cordoba as much as I do.

Where to Stay in Cordoba

Hotel Balcon de Cordoba

Hotel Viento

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Another Must Visit

Just on the outskirts of the city is the ancient, ruined Moorish city of Medina Azahara which has just (2018) received Unesco status. Read about the Medina Azahara here.

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