If you don't enter you won't win!

Prevaricating is easy. I expect you already know that. I'm very good at it.  I'm not very good at many things but prevaricating I (sadly, almost proudly) admit I am up there with the best. What about you? Are you a prevaricator or a doer?

Occasionally I do. That happened fairly recently. I entered a Bradt Travel Writing competition and I was one of the runners-up. I applied myself and I got a result. That got me thinking about other competitions I'd entered. One, many years ago, was a children's story competition and in that one I was short-listed.

Then other competitions, those you see and don't take more than a minute or two to enter, I've entered lots of those. How many? I've no idea but I've had quite a few wins, which encourages me to keep doing those simple and quick to enter ones.

What have I won? Well here's the list for luck of the draw competitions

  • Two return flights with Easyjet (Spain -UK - Spain)
  • Two nights for two at  Hotel Catalonia  Reina Victoria in Ronda
  • Two nights for two at a Rusticae hotel - I choose the Gar Anat in Granada
  • A shawl by Q-Bee
  • A Charming Hotel Guide to the UK.
  • A live Spider Crab
  • A Guide to the Cotswolds (writing competition)

So it got me thinking that if you don't do and enter something you can't possibly win. So I'm definitely going to look out for more writing competitions, that doesn't necessarily mean I'll get around to entering! But if I do I stand a chance at winning and if I don't well......

What about you are you a winner or a prevaricator?


There isn´t a lot to add to the above, but there again a lot has been happening and not a lot of giveaways have taken place over the Co-vid years.

But here we are back travelling again and I have a win!

A night in Cortijo Santa Clara in the valley of Carmona. I´ll be writing about it soon! 

If you don´t enter you won´t win!

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