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Monday Morning Photo - Wisteria Time in Andalucia

How quickly spring comes around after the short winter here in the Sierra Sur de Jaén. After lots of very much needed rain we´re back to the normal cloudless blue.  My garden is shooting incredbily with the moisture and now sunshine. And my beautiful wisteria flowers grandly albeit it short-lived. The big black carpenter bees love it. Each flowering season reminds me of the Botanical Gardens in Malaga and the ´tunnel´ of wisteria that I haven´t yet caught in bloom. April is a good time to plan to go if it´s on your list.  Here´s the botanical garden link La Concepción Botanical Gardens. And a sneaky peak at the wisteria. See the Monday Morning Photos list.

An Overview - GRXperience in Granada

I've been to Granada several times but considering it's only 1.5 hours from home that's very few. I feel fortunate and honoured to have taken part in the GRXperience to promote Granada both city and province. Now after many fabulous experiences in the few days I was there I've a lot to tell!

So this is a brief peep into day one of my experience, each part of it will be written about individually and that might take some time!

Day One -  Around Guadix

Arriving in Granada city, we (the group of Social Media experts and Travel Bloggers) were taken to Guadix a lovely city in itself but with stunning surrroundings and a long-history of cave-dwellers.

Guadix from Hot Air Balloon

Our first stop (and my night's stay) was the beautiful 16th century Mudejar-style working olive oil mill, Almazara de Paulenca, for a superb lunch in the working olive oil mill restaurant, which we also had a tour of and saw the ancient machinery in action. It also hosts flamenco nights with the owner/guitarist playing and a dancer in the restaurant, something I plan on going back to see.

Almazara de Paulenca

After a dunking in the pool  a 'slow trekking' experience in Balneario de Alicun with fabulous scenery, learning about the history and discovering ancient stone built tomb - dolmens - of which Andalucia has several sites.

Balneario de Alicun


Then to dinner or should I say a banquet, laid out on the grassy area next to the outdoor natural swimming pool, fit for a wedding with local dishes and wines provided by Catering La Azucarera and still the day hadn't ended.

Dinner under the stars - Catering La Azucarera

Azimuth a company offering science tourism and star gazing were on hand with an incredible knowledge and huge telescope bringing the nights sky into our sight and (a little more ) our understanding.

Late to bed and early to rise makes for a long and exciting day two....... coming soon.

All photos are mine except the last one of the stargazing experience which is copyright +Ana Santos.

Stay tuned for Day Two and some of the amazing day trips and activities in Granada province.

Mirador de San Nicolas

4x4 Land Rover Driving in the mountains

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