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Monday Morning Photo - Valdepeñas de Jaén

 Land of strong goat cheese and fabulous views, Valdepeñas de Jaén.

Segway Riding - Guided Tour of Cordoba

Having promised my youngest son we'd go on a Segway, at some point in the past, the moment arose on the first weekend of December - a Spanish Bank Holiday. My thought was to visit Cordoba city as an almost complete family, hubby and 2 out 3 sons, do a Segway Tour and get our Christmas shopping done in one trip. Which turned out to be a little ambitious as the shopping part was everyone else's plan too.

Crossing Roman Bridge, Córdoba
Roman Bridge on the River Guadalquivir

The day, a typical Spanish blue sky one, was clear, bright and chilly. We parked out of the city and walked across the Roman Bridge and around the Mezquita, up a narrow street in the Jewish quater to meet Nicholas our Segway guide. I let hubby and sons get on them first hoping to gain insight and confidence before my instructed turn on two wheels.

Segway Instruction, Córdoba
Segway Instruction and Practice

Lean forward to move forward, back and stay still to stop, easy no? No. Not the first minute or so. It made no sense to me. Two wheels don't balance alone and I didn't balance well on them - staying still was the hardest part to conquer! After a few wobbles and a want for flat ground, I found my wheels (a little slower than the guys) got told off for stepping off backwards when I couldn't stop, then officially allowed to go - first! But not for long.

Riding a Segway
Cordoba by Segway 

Weaving in and out of pedestrians, over cobbles, avoiding taxis, what fun. Zipping around parts of Cordoba I'd not seen before. Heading over the river to put our foot down on a smooth pedestrian area, then back to the narrow cobbled lanes, a tiny market square and the fun was over, back on two feet and firmer ground. We all would have been happy to carry on for longer. I still couldn't keep handle stationary very well, but moving weaving and obstacle avoidance was no problem. I'll be better next time!

Segway Photocall
Photo Call with River and Mezquita Behind

Our segway tour was a 15€pp 30 minute guided tour with Cordoba by Segway.

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