CBBH PhotoChallenge - What do you spy with your little eye?

I instantly thought of this photo for Marianne from East of Malaga's challenge 'What do you spy with your little eye'. There's plenty to spy here and I didn't even spot myself at first when looking through our Ubeda trip photos, hubby didn't tell me he was taking this one!

Did you spot the relic amongst relics? This is the fabulous Museo de Agricola/Posada de Ubeda hotel/restaurant/museum combined where we stayed for the 10th UNESCO anniversary in Ubeda, Jaen.

Now for the introductions that, although you'll probably already know these two Americans in Spain, Lauren writing Spanish Sabores who I like to keep up with and hopefully visit Madrid and experience one of her food tours, a definite must on my loooong list of places to visit.

And Cat Gee based in Sevilla and sharing her life and travels on her blog Sunshine and Siestas, pop over and explore more of the lovely city that bewitches many, although right now she's up north and about to embark on the Camino de Santiago - all the best Cat.

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