Monday Morning Photo - Museum & Bar, El Torcal

Yes, I know it´s late. It is really Tuesday evening but I´m desperately trying to keep up the weekly photo.

We´ve just returned from an Antequera, dolmen and El Torcal trip, passing a bar/restaurant/museum after leaving the fabulous rocky formations of El Torcal I spotted, and as I was driving did a quick unexplained U-turn to explore, Molino Blanco Restaurante and Museo.

And as one photo is not enough...

Crammed full of ancient implements adorning every nook and cranny it was just our thing. Hubby had a field day ¨Dad had one of those.¨ ¨Look at that! ¨I could use that now!¨ ¨That´s just like the one I had.¨

I´ve no idea whether the restaurant is any good but the coffee was decent, so were the loos. There´s loads of parking and a kids room but we loved the whole set-up and the fact it was early, too early for a coffee stop, meant it had just opened and there weren´t any other customers to annoy only the owner.

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