Sephardic Museum in Cordoba

La Casa de Sefarad is a small museum in Cordoba dedicated to the 200,000 Jews who once lived in the Iberian peninsula. Their exile by Queen Isabel of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon in 1492 meant not only their religions but many customs and religious items went with them and were practically lost for over 500 years.

They were called Sephardic Jews as Sefarad was the Hebrew name for Spain. The museum, La Casa de Sefarad, is in a small 14th century building in the heart of Cordoba´s Jewish quarter. Today there are around a dozen members but no rabbi. The nearby synagogue, built in 1315, and the only remaining one in Andalusia worship services are still held. The other two remaining synagagues are in Toledo.

On display are objects used for worship and traditional purposes which belonged to the Sephardic Jews of the diaspora which tell of the Spanish Jews' customs, celebrations, food and music.

Found in the Jewry quarter of Cordoba where there is also an interesting Silver Museum.

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