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Monday Morning Photo - Finca de la Pansa

Finca de la Pansa B&B, once a farm house where grapes were dried to make the local Moscatel wine. The local farmsteads had this type of traditional frontage with arches so that the grapes - laid out on large cane mats could be dragged under cover quickly if it rained - yet still be out in the air to ´cure.´ See the video of Finca de la Pansa B&B on YouTube. Visit the  Finca de la Pansa website.

Monday Morning Photo - Christmas Belen a Nativity Scene

Once upon a time the Nativity scene or Belen was the traditional Christmas decoration in Spanish homes. These days more and more Christmas trees are found but they´re not taking over, just an addition.

As with Christmas most Spanish homes have adopted the tree and present giving on Christmas Day as well as their traditional Day of the Kings on January 6th.

Most of my Spanish kids (who I teach English to) have both tree and Belen. Some Belens can be huge taking over an entire room. This is an average one, not too over the top - but add up the figurines and you´re talking quite an outlay. Most people add a piece or two every year.

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