Corfu town and Island

It´s been quiet around here as I´ve been travelling. Not serious RTW (round the world) travelling but a family-get together trip heading to the UK, then to Corfu and back to the UK to visit my mum then back to Spain again. Do I like flying? No not really it´s bum-achingly boring, but needs must.

We stayed about 6km away from Corfu town, fairly central to the island at the 5* Kontokali Resort on a bay with views of Albania across the crystal clear waters.

Corfu town was noisy and bustling when we arrived, a cruise ship had disembarked goodness knows how many hundreds or thousands of passengers and they all seemed to be spilling out of the cafes and restaurants in the main plaza. Talk about a cacophony - we moved smartly on disappearing into the narrow back streets for an explorational wander.

The tall, sometimes seven-storey buildings creating shadow-filled streets would have been glorious in their hey-day, Venetian I presume, now it´s all a bit sad and in obvious need of care, attention and lots of money.

Sitting at a tiny table on a sloping street corner with shutters and bits of debris looking ready to descend from the facade of nearly every house around, we got hit but only by a pigeon after our bowl of nuts, but having more success sending beer bottles flying.

Once obviously rich and thriving there was a delighful charm away from the main tourist shop-filled streets and we all agreed that for a city-break we´d be more than happy to return and preferably stay in the city itself.

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