The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing is a huge round-robin iniciative of writers, bloggers, authors and journalists who share what they are embarking on next.

Molly Sears-Piccavey, who lives, works and writes about my neighbouring province of Granada at, passed the baton on to me. Pop over to learn more about Granada, Spain, Molly and other baton runners.

What is the working title of your project?

My current pet writing project is this blog on Andalucia – Andalucia Explorer although it does alter between my Camping in Spain blog which is rather seasonal (I´m only a warm weather camper and camp site inspector) and my Andalucia for Holidays website.

Where did the idea for the blog com from?

I´ve been building up my Andalucia for Holidays website for several years and still am, but I also wanted something a bit more personal.

Actually it began as a New Year´s Resolution - I´m big on starting things and not so good at following them through. I´m into year two now and quite proud of my staying power but more amazed at how much I enjoy it.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your blog?

Sharing life, thoughts and jaunts in Andalucia and beyond.

How long do you spend writing posts for your blog?

That completely depends. I teach English for four hours every school day, have 3 sons, a holiday home and I´m a really inefficient secretary for hubby - any other time I try to work on my blog but often waste time surfing, social media-ing etc.

I find I need to write, edit and publish a blog post in one session or days and days can go past before I get back to it.

What book would you compare to your blog?

A diary. A mess of thoughts and facts, memories and reminders.

Who or What inspires you to write?

Exploring new (to me) places whether in Spain, abroad or going to visit family in the UK - it´s a big big world and I want to see it all. Or at least as much as I can.

What is an your agenda in the next month or two?

I´m really excited to have won a trip to Oslo, Norway. I go on Saturday 17th November, just for two nights and on my own. I must admit Oslo wasn´t the top of my ´want-to-visit´ list, but now I´m so looking forward to it and have done loads of research on what to do and see. I then have to write a blog post for the great Solo Traveler Blog the promoter of the competition, along with Skyscanner, as well as share my trip here - watch this space!

What is your dream of a next big thing?

I dream about writing a guide book on Jaen City and Province, there is such a huge lack of information about Jaen and it´s a vast area with an incredible history and array of monuments.

BUT, I´m better to suited to short projects that my time and attention span can cope with! I´d need a publisher/editor/deadline to spur me on and have to break it down into bite size, un-overwhelming chunks.

I´m also a prevaricator and excellent starter of projects - not an ideal combination to see projects through alone.

Monasterio de la Concepción Franciscana, Jaen
Concepcion Franciscana Monastery, Jaen

Well, that’s me done, Tamara Essex is my nomination to pass on The Next Big Thing baton!!!

I discovered Tamara´s Spanish blog A Foot in Two Camps a while ago and am following her Spanish experiences. Her other foot is in the UK where she´s a freelance management consultant working for charities, voluntary and community organisations.

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