Solo Traveller - An Unknown Trip

Imagine my surprise, joy and nerves when I received an email saying ....

´I am so pleased to advise you that you are the very first winner of The Skyscanner Solo and Spontaneous "Cheapest Flight to Everywhere" Contest!´

The rules of the contest are that the return flights have to be taken in the next two weeks and as the second weekend is my eldest son´s birthday it has to be before then.

So next weekend I´m flying off somewhere - but I don´t know where - yet. Yikes. Half the fun of trips is the run up to it, the pre-trip planning, the excitement of heading off somewhere new and unexplored (by you). Now I´m excited about going on a solo trip but I´m desperate to find out where I´m going and start my investigations on where to go, what to see and where to lay my head in that destination.

Tomorrow I´ll know, today is when I have time to dream and peruse and investigate - oh well.

Thanks to Solotraveler and Skyscanner for the opportunity to visit somewhere!

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