EarPlanes - Protection When Flying

I don´t know about you but apparently 30% of air passengers suffer from ear discomfort during take-off and landing. I´m one of those. I´m also prone (with advancing years and the onset of menopause!) to ear infections, which can be excruciatingly painful without adding the big change of pressure that occurs during flying.

When I was asked if I´d like a sample of the new EarPlanes ear plugs, with four flights in a week looming ahead, I jumped at the chance.

Earplanes are silicone plugs, which come in all sizes, that act as a seal with a pressure regulator inside which reduces the difference of air pressure that causes the pain.

The other USP that came in very handy for me is that sound is muffled, which for a snoozer is ideal but also, as needed in two out of four of my flights, can help drown out that noisy child nearby. That is well-worth using them for even if you don´t have a discomfort problem! Yeah I know my kids were little once and I don´t have grandchildren yet, funny what you forget.

Having never used any ear plugs before I found them easy to use and with their own cute little box my trips were far more comfortable and quieter than previous ones, though they can´t be used continually, I used them four times before discarding them. Would I use them again? Yes, definately, anything to the lessen the ear and kid discomfort.

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