An Empty Nest Taster

A couple of summers ago I was down to one child at home, it didn´t last long. I jokingly say, but not to my sons, that I´m waiting for an empty nest. Waiting for the time and finances to be able to up and off as and when we want. It´s going to be a long time coming.

Spanish reports before the crisis said that the average son leaves home at 36 years-old, I´m not telling how old that makes me if my youngest stays until that age. Suffice it to say I would have to have renewed my English driving licence.

Today I got a last minute unexpected taste of ´just the two of us´. My eldest son is usually only seen for main-meal lunch and heard arriving home anywhere between 2 and 5am on a normal night, later or is it earlier if it´s fiesta or feria season said he wouldn´t be in for lunch (but could he take a supply of food with him) and that my middle son was also going, when I suggested the youngest could go too he agreed.

So gobsmacked I cleared away the mess they´d created and re-thought lunch. A main meal for five - two bottom-less stomachs, is a different affair to hubby and I. I immediately dumped the meat idea and took stock of the veggies/salad stuff in the fridge and the garden.

What joy, what peace to eat without complaints of red stuff and green bits. I know it´s temporary and really can´t imagine what a permanent state of empty-nestness is/will be like. I´ll probably hate it but as always the grass is always greener.... (in England than Spain).

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