Bitten by Spain by Deborah Fletcher - Review

Bitten by Spain - The Murcian Countryside - A Baptism by Fire by Deborah Fletcher put a smile on my face from beginning to end. When Deborah´s accountancy practice began taking its toll along with the loss of several friends the Fletchers put their long term plans into overdrive and moved to Spain.

This tale, mainly Deborah´s as John still commutes to the UK for work, highlights many pitfalls, hiccups and experiences (mostly) with grace and plenty of hard graft, discomfort and red wine.

An easy fun read that anyone who has moved to Spain will recognise and anyone intending to must add to their ´must-do´s before jumping in´ list.

Plenty of hassle, wild life, paperwork and good humour keep Deborah sane in her piece of rural Murcia while licences, phone lines, permissions and bags of rubbish feature in her daily life for quite a while.

Her account is witty, her tale not unusual but she brings a sparkle to her story - read it and see, it´s good.

I was sent this book to review by Summertime Publishing. It can be purchased from Amazon, I get a small commission if you purchase it through this link.

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