Cool Camping Cookbook by CoolCamping

I´ve just been perusing yet again this great cookbook by CoolCamping. It was sent to me to review for my Camping in Spain blog, but it´s so good I want to mention it here.

If you´re a barbie (BBQ not doll) fan there are some really fab ideas here to take your normal (hubby´s boring) beefburger and chicken leg nosh higher up the star ratings.

Sunday joint and salt-encrusted fish plus choccy muffins in whole oranges, baked lobster and lentil daal are just some of the mouth-waterers on these pages.

Far from being recipes for basic camping meals these pages have seriously challenge by BBQ cooking too. The other really incredible thing about this great book is that hubby looked through every page too, making encouraging noises and as he´s chief BBQ chef I have high hopes for his (and mine as chief planner/shopper) summer´s culinary improvements.

If you buy though this link I get a miniscule commision

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