Salmorejo - Typical Dish from Cordoba

Not as famous as Gazpacho throughout the world maybe, but  in its birthplace, Cordoba Salmorejo is found on every menu throughout the city and is well deserving of the wider fame it´s now getting.

Salmorejo is a  dip not altogether unlike Gazpacho but a lot thicker and creamier and often served with bits of jamon and hard-boiled egg on the top. If it´s a dish you like then try it with some new twists at the new restaurant Salmorejeria Umami which has opened in the centre of Cordoba.

Foodies that like Salmorejo might not approve some of the 40 varieties on offer. The base of this dish is tomato juice, breadcrumbs, garlic and olive oil traditionally, but add squid ink, asparagus, chocolate or vanilla and many other interesting ingredients and you´ve a whole range of colours tastes and textures.

The Salmorejo range of tapas is from 1.20€ and the average is less than 5€ and the most expensive version that contains wild mushrooms and truffles is 10€.

Don´t worry if it isn´t your thing Salmorejo isn´t the only dish on offer and don´t be surprised if you find a Salmorejeria in different Spanish cities in the future as franchise are now on offer.

I´d love to go and sample, not 40 but, several variations at Salmorejeria Umani, another addition to  my want-to-do list.

Usually served very cold in summer this dish is another of the innovative ways the Spanish used their glut of tomatoes and stale bread with the ever present olive oil to create a tasty and healthy dip.

Image copyright Aceite Oliva

To make your own Salmorejo you need

Plum tomatoes
Extra virgen olive oil

How to Prepare

For each kilo of tomatoes use one garlic clove, half a cup of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of salt.

First slice the tomatoes and remove the excess juice and liquidize all the ingredients together - chill well and added chopped egg and jamon to serve.

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