Crosses in Spain

You may well know that I  have a bit of a wooden door fetish having seen one of two on this blog. I´m quite partial to crosses too. They appear everywhere, roadside crosses adorned with flowers that obviously pay homage to a dearly beloved family member. Crosses that seem to have no particular relevance like this one on the outside wall of a bar in Iznajar.

Old worn ones by the side of a little used road, which makes it easy to stop and get the camera out. This was one is on a circular drive I rather like from Martos through to Santiago de Calatrava then to Monte Lopez Avarez, just crossing the border into Cordoba and out again. Fields of poppies, swaying crops and sunflowers make a delightful change from Jaén´s never-ending olive trees.

The grandest of all I´ve seen so far is overlooking the city of Jaén at the end of the elongated hill Santa Catalina.

I´m sure just as on the doors post additional will pop up here as time goes by.

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