Ruta de la Tapa - Tapas Routes in Spain

This is my growing list and memory of the Rutas de la Tapas that I discover. The dates are from 2012 but normally they are repeated on similar dates every year. I shall be adding constantly to the list and would love some input if your know of a Tapas route I can add.

Tapas Tours - Rutas de Tapas

Baeza - 1st - 1th March - Establishments -20

Carcabuey - 2nd - 2th March - Only Fri Eve to Sunday lunch inc. Establishments - 10

Cartagena - 24th Feb - 11th March Establishments - 67

Chipiona - 28th Feb - 26th April - Only Fri Eve to Sunday lunch and Fiestas. Establishments - 24 inc. 3 cellars.

Jaén - 24th Nov - 3rd Dec

Zahara Atunes - 16th - 20th May

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