Inspired to Travel - EasyJet Initiative

The EasyJet Holiday Inspiration Initiative competition is on a roll. Molly Piccavey, who has guest posted here, choose me as one of her five nominated bloggers to carry on (hopefully) inspring, sharing and keeping the initiative rolling along.

So some thoughtful ponderings and (time-consuming) reminiscences have been brought together in this post which involves a lot of sharing about ´Me´. Another new and learning experience.

So here goes. Inspiration.

What Started Me Travelling?

Hiding in a maze, hearing voices and knowing I couldn´t be seen is my first holiday memory. Along with suits of armour, a drawbridge and moat and riding on my dad´s shoulders. I never did get around to asking him where that might have been. Wales probably. I loved the oldness of it all, the history that dad shared and being somewhere he so obviously wanted to see. I still love castles and fortifications.

Who Started Me Travelling?

My dad was amazing. He didn´t say a lot but he did loads. Visiting nearly every country, taking almost every form of transport sampling everything on offer (especially the local wine) and learning the basics of whatever language he would encounter. A gentleman, my inspiration.

With my dad (RIP) at The Fat Duck in Bray Sept. 2008

Where Inspired Me to Travel?

Rugged, wild Cornwall spoke to me. Mighty stone relics, abandoned tin mines and stories of smugglers led my explorations around its tip. But more than that it was exploring the country lanes with dad, Sunday strolls and taking every road, either on foot or by car to see where it went and find the shortest way.

I have to do that now - my dad in me. If there´s a ´where does this go? ´ I have  to find out. Maybe it´ll mean a double-back but it´s the going and seeing that the fun part.

When Was I Inspired to Travel?

All my childhood jaunts with dad inspired me but I got hooked when I left my job and home with my car, bike on the top and a tent. No particular destination, just south was in mind (ended up in Cornwall again).

With no idea what would happen next, I just needed to leave the life and situation that was drowning me I escaped, drew breath, explored and discovered a whole lot about life and me.

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