Homemade Rosemary Rub for Aches & Pains

When my gregarious (aren´t they all) Spanish friend presented me with some sprigs of dried rosemary in flower I thought uh oh, another recipe to try. Well I was right and I was wrong. This time it was a recipe for a lotion to rub on aches and pains anywhere on the body, probably for muscle relaxing too but I can´t vouch for that - yet.

All you have to do is shove the rosemary in a bottle of 100% alchohol and leave it 40 days but 20 will do she said! (I can do that). Then rub it into all those aching joints. Well I will make some, but keep forgetting to buy the alcohol, it´s not the usual type on my shopping list.

Then I´ll have to wait 20 or 40 days (does it make any difference one is thinking) and then I´ll need an ache or pain! The beauty is the alcohol costs about 60 centimos, the rosemary free but needs picking when in flower and it keeps for that moment when you have need.

It´s cheap, free and old she told me. An ancient cure-all. Must be good then

My own garden picked Rosemary not the dehydrated offering!

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