Why I Choose One Hotel Over Another

It´s the second Wednesday (ok, Thursday) of the month again and time for a bit of girlie gossip Across the Café Table with The Travel Belles.

This month’s question, the ninth in Belles series: What are the factors you consider when selecting a hotel?

For me, and it doesn´t happen as often as I´d like, the actual hotel is more important than the destination. If (and I do) want to visit Avila for instance, I´ll check out the most historical hotel in the area. Even if it means it´s not right in the centre, hotels with character and idiosncrasies get my vote above modern and functional every time.

Call me old-fashioned or just old – but I like old. Old cars, old buildings anything with an interesting past. If it has a spa or not, free wifi or paid that doesn´t come into the equation. Age always wins.

Here´s a couple of examples on my list of want-to-visit hotels in some of the cities I mentioned in The Travel Belles Across the Café Table Where I Most Want to go in 2012 post.

Molino de los Gamusinos in Avila, a converted water mill dating from XVII century.

Convent of the Barefoot Nuns in Caceres, a small 6-bedroomed converted convent from the XIX century.

Small or big, luxurious or simple I don´t mind just lots of character due to age please.

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