What to See in Jaén City - Guide to Jaén

My suggestions on how to get the most out of a visit to Jaén city are in this short Two-day or 48 hour guide which will be spread over several posts. Today a list of the must-sees.

Day 1 – Whether you´ve opted for a hotel in the old quarter, the Parador on the hill, one of those just out of town or Casa Rural El Regüelo, each day starts from the Plaza de la Constitución near Hotel Xauen with its square of fountains and buzz of people.

Day 1


Visit Palacio Villardompardo & The Arab Baths
Visit the two museums in Palacio Villardompardo
See the Lizard of Jaén statue
Visit the Hospital de San Juan de Dios


Visit the cathedral and cathedral museum
Take a taxi up to the Parador and castle

Day 2
Today is a stroll around the different areas taking in the many monuments and churches and a bar or two.


Coffee in the Jewish quarter
Visit the Provincial Museum


Explore the La Merced quarter and monuments
Explore San Ildefonso quarter and bull ring

More to come soon - in depth info and how to get to these sights and monuments.

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