What’s Your Favorite Shopping Find From Your travels?

Every second Wednesday of the month Travel Belles asks a question for their "Across the Cafe Table" section. The first post I wrote was in response to:

What’s Your Favorite Museum? To which I posted Museo de Agricola in Úbeda, Jaén a fun and quirky museum full of agricultural relics both inside and out.

This week the question was:

What’s Your Favorite Shopping Find From Your travels?

It´s not so much the item itself but the memories that never cease to make me smile. I had to get my newly given car (good ol´ dad) from the UK to Spain so began to plan the drive.

There really was no way hubby could come too as someone had to look after kids and the car was for me, so obviously I had to go, yet strangely I didn´t mind a bit.

I asked Ma, a sister-in-law if she´d like to leave hubby and join me on a girly road trip. Word spread and sister-in-law no.2 (I have five) wanted in.

We caught the ferry from Weymouth (UK) via Jersey and Guernsey to St. Malo (France). Eager to see the Channel Islands I didn´t even think about the weather. Heading straight for the cafe and downing tea and cakes (it was still morning) turned out to be a bad idea.

Soon the sea was heaving, the boat was rocking, my face was green and my stomach like the sea.

That helped the diet as nothing more passed my lips until steady land was reached. Our drive towards Nantes began. We´d made no plans just drive until we´d had enough. Ma desperately wanted to go to a French flea market and had frustratedly and unsuccessfully scoured the internet for one on our route.

Finding a hotel late at night in Nantes wasn´t easy, eventually and very relieved we spotted a RoomMate. Heading down for breakfast we passed the hotel window front doors and what should a sight we saw through them - a huge flea market spreading further than we could see.

Forgetting our early start on the road we purused junk and antiques with glee. Hours later Ma had a table lamp in the figure of a lady and I a wrought-iron hat and coat rack for my holiday rental house
Casa El Reguelo.

Fortunately the car was already quite laden so we were limited on purchases.
Our two-night three day drive was great fun and the flea market a huge bonus, but one I´d definately make for next time.

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