What a Journey Home from Work

I thought I´d share some views from the drive home from "work" today. We had to go and photograph a house that is being sold and do some repairs, every day is different, today was an enjoyable drive that felt like an outing.

I love it when we get paid to explore this beautiful and diverse land we now live in.

Cambil is about 50 minutes from home, south towards Granada on the edge of Sierra Magina and the area that Penelope Chetwode rode in Two Middle-Aged Ladies in Andalucia that I´ve just finished reading. It is also where the film Entre Lobos took place, a wild unkempt mountain range, especially fifty years ago.

I love the rock formations and the greeness, compared with home. My area is full of olive trees and between them, right now dead weeds or brown earth. In the real heat the olive leaves turn their under shiny side to the sun.

In the Sierras or mountains there are more pine trees so it all appears to be more full of life in the arid summer months.

Coming home I got snap happy out of the car window and was quite suprised and pleased with some of the shots. So my journey home from work was like this....


Some views of the lovely area of Andalucia in which I live.

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