What I Enjoy Most About Living in Andalucia

The trouble with that statement is that what I enjoy most about living in Andalucia is very seasonal dependant.

Right now I love sitting on our patio, no lights on and watching the myriad of stars. Incredible in number, then a light goes on and they disappear. I would never have believed there were so many, light pollution and maybe never having the time or the weather to look up are the main culprits.

July and August are or seem to be (´cos we´re out there and looking) the busiest time for shooting stars. It´s almost one word spoken and "oh dear you missed that one", "that was a biggie", "ahh, did you miss that one too?"

The other thing I love about living here is seeing the ladies in their nightwear sweeping the pavements and street in front of their houses and next door if a) someone like me lives there who doesn´t do it or b) the house is empty. Until lunchtime pyjamas are acceptable atire in the main street, woe on the males who are ousted while cleaning is done and lunch prepared.

I jest. I live in the countryside, no neighbours (the nearest being a horse and two baby porkers) and no pavement. But I have actually swept the road outside our present house once in the eleven years we´ve been in it, and that it abnormal conditions.

It was my nurturing period when we bought some composting worms and having read how much they love and thrive on poop I just had to pop out with my (long-handled) dustpan and brush to collect goat dropping for my new babies (that brought out a huge lip-curl of disgust at close measure).

It only happened once, just as picking up the horse doings on a day trip, very much to my youngsters (at the time´s) disgust was a one off occurrence.

Each season in the Andalucian countryside brings its own joys and times of hair-pulling, going grey doesn´t come into it thanks to my maternal grandmother!

But right now it´s the shorts and vest from 8 till late, the heat of the day and the balmy nights. Being unable to imagine wearing socks or shoes, it´s those lazy hazy days of summer I love, but am glad they don´t last forever!

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