Rats, Mice, Snakes, Geckos and Grasshoppers

Creepy crawlies and four legged pests are hard to avoid in the heat of Spain. My first close encounter was with an 8cm dehydrated centipede under my bed. I´ve still got it.

Another less pleasant one was a presumed mouse which turned out to be a scorpion, I caught it in a jar, left it with no food or air holes on top of the combination oven, two weeks later it was still moving, indestructible.

Ok, I know I should have taken it outside and let it go but I was squeamish, fresh from the UK and not so countrified.

These days we´ve regular visits from mice inside, rats around the place outside and hordes of geckos everywhere. Not to mention the odd snake both inside and out.

This little green fellow caught my eye and chomped my cañas the other day. I played hide and seek with him for a while until I managed to get a good photo.

Every time I moved he swiveled behind the stem. Good colour coordination don´t ya think?

Green Grasshopper on plant

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