The day my Gmail Account was Hacked Into

The day started like many, school run, coffee and emails then a pop-up saying login I clicked on the gmail address in the top right-hand corner which said logout.

That´s odd I was thinking when the phone rang and someone said I´ve just received a very odd email which I know, especially now you´ve answered your fixed phone, isn´t from you.

Apparently I´d been robbed and mugged in Athens and needed monetary help to get home. I apparently could send an email but the receiver/helper had to phone a number to send me money!

That was when (ok I´m not always quick off the mark) I realised that my Gmail account had been hacked into. I couldn´t access it, my password had been changed.

Then came phone call after phone call. I´m ok, I´m at home in Andalucia, not able to get send or receive emails. Then the anger starting welling how dare they, what else did they know. Were my bank accounts, paypal account etc. safe.

It´s a violation of privacy of intimacy that is sickening. It feels like I imagine being robbed would. I have never been robbed, but I have, on a house check come across a robbery. The thoughts, feelings and emotions that run through the mind, seemingly all together are intrusion, violation, hatred, fear....

I´m now able, nine hours later, to access my Gmail account. It´s not the same. There are no emails saved. The inbox is empty, my files unused, any incoming email goes straight to the bin - I want that privilige.

All the sent documents, work costings, articles sent I have no copy of. Strangely enough my eldest son told me only a day or so ago that information doesn´t exist unless it´s stored in three places. Yeah, thought I.

Did I take his advice? Did I listen at all? Well guess what? I will now be making notes, yes writing with a pen important numbers, addresses etc.

But most importantly to get Google to reset my account I had to tell them the five most frequently used email addresses. Normally I click and there they are, do I know any off by heart? Only my alternative one and el hubby one.

They also wanted to know what a/cs I have with them, reader, blogger, gmail and loads more, when I started them????!!??

Nothing is the same now. Everyone I ever emailed has received a letter, I´ve had phone calls and emails saying sorry but we can´t send you any money.

I open my email account and wonder if someone is in there with me, reading my writings, get my personal details and I shiver. Will it ever feel the same again?

I´m far wiser from my experience, far sadder by the thought that so many people actually believed the scam and far worse, they thought I would email them saying

Problem - Hi, My regrets for this sudden request...

Oh well another problem over but not solved.

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