Wildflowers in Andalucia - a Colourful May

For the last two or three years since the use of weed killer was banned the increase in wildflowers is incredible. A rainbow tapestry carpets the roadsides and olive groves from early to late spring.

Late April and May is the best time to visit, certainly well inland where I live. I'm looking forward to the display this year, but here I've hunted out a few old snaps as a taster.


  1. Found you through MLM's Blow your own Bloghorn... Beautiful pictures, hurray for the ban on weedkillers! Emma www.scandinaviansojourn.blogspot.com

  2. Ooh it looks so gorgeous! Very different to how bare it is here in Ireland. What sort of temperatures have you got there at the moment?

  3. We've a huge fluctuation of temperatures from 0c overnight to around 17c in the day. Glorious. By 10.30am it's warmer outside in the sunshine than in the house.


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