Blue Skies, Grey Skies

I haven´t posted for a while because I´ve been in the UK. Having spent eight days of not seeing the sun once, though I have to say it hardly rained, I missed my blue sky.

Apparently many years ago I said to my father-in-law I couldn´t live without blue skies now.

Well after a difficult time and miserable UK weather, blue skies welcomed me back to Andalucia. I arrived to a brilliant sunset and have since had nothing but sunshine (though it´s not always dependable).

Having just looked at our yellow and blue forecast I thought I´d share it:

Saturday max. 19C min. 4C
Sunday max. 19C min. 5C
Monday max. 14C min. 0C
Tuesday max. 12C min. 0C

It´s so interesting to me that our Andalucian weather fluctuates so. It´s almost like being inside with the heating on in the UK then venturing outside.

I always go totally un-prepared on the clothing front. At home I get cold inside, so go outside to warm up. In the UK it´s warm inside and colder outside - always.

Never happy am I?

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