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Monday Morning Photo - Valdepeñas de Jaén

 Land of strong goat cheese and fabulous views, Valdepeñas de Jaén.

Weather in Spain - To Spring or Not to Spring!

Wednesday was a short sleeves day. A spring-like joy of blue sky and the promise of winter behind us. Today it´s snowing!

In my estate agent role, Wednesday saw me driving through the rocky wilderness of the Sierra Subbeticas towards the charming town of Rute. Windows rolled down (can I say that now it´s a button press?) Hair blowing in the wind, layers removed. Such glorious scenery took me back to my newly-passed driving test days of exploring Exmoor between split shifts at The Oaks Hotel in Porlock - what days!

Today it´s snowing. Those great big, floaty, almost romantic, snowflakes making the garden, and all those budding plants, white. Not amused am I. Hubby, like a little kid, is gleeful and the two big kids, (men now) happy too. What is it with males? They´re making plans to take trays and bin liners up to higher ground if it settles. Me - trying to motivate myself out of the cosiness of bed. 

In typical Spanish style we have a ground floor bedroom, and ours is next to the kitchen, which means I´m in the middle of what´s going on without having to get up - and having breakfast in bed is a doddle. I mean far too easy - put the toast in and kettle on, and nip back to toasty warmth. On a good day marmite on toast and coffee (already had tea in bed) makes its way to me. On a not so good day the kettle whistles on and I have to get up and sort myself out. Today is not such a good day as the ´boys´ are snow-enthralled.

I have to work today but at least my viewing is in the nearest big town and I do need to do a big shop. Today is a windows up, car heater on day. I´d prefer to stay at home. Especially as we have been away the last two weekends. Carmona called with an overnight win at Cortijo Santa Clara, and then a Flamenco guitarist at a hotel I´ve been longing to stay at last weekend, which being Valentine´s Day and are anniversary meant a great excuse. The Friday was also lovely and warm and saw us walking on the Via Verde into Zuheros, one of Spain´s Most Beautiful Towns.

Then typically Andalucian, the sun pokes through the clouds. Sunny spells, spitty rain and it´s gone. Snow on the higher hills only. I don´t mind a bit.

There´s snow on them there hills.
There´s snow on them there hills.

Next week, they say, will be the coldest of the winter! Barmy, especially after balmy Wednesday. Oh well. Off with the quilt and on with the layers again. May spring come soon. It will be most welcome by me, winter I will not miss.

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