Another Fiesta Ends & Tapas Abound

'Fireworks? Why fireworks?' I asked the waiter pointing to a poster announcing them.  I was sitting outside near the cathedral in the autumn sunshine, but in the shade. It's still hot in Andalusia in September and this was midday. I was in Guadix home to troglodytes and gorgeous  ceramics for a night.

Guadix Ceramics

'It's the end of the fair' he said. A party to finish the four day party! An end to the fair for another year'

I looked him 'What time does it start?'  He smiled and replied oh you know, 1am, 2am whenever the guy who lights the fireworks gets around to it.'  I felt sorry for the neighbours.

Guadix Cave View

He'd put down my third beer and tapas. What bliss no plans, no driving. I was staying in a cave house walking distance from the town. This was lunch. Not for vegetarians. Another plate of bread and meat. Not just crisps or olives but Andalusian hefty stuff. The first was very good hunks of chorizo on fresh crispy bread. The second tender thinly sliced lomo on bread and the third a kebab of spiced pork, five biggish pieces speared with a piece of bread of course.

Guadix Cathedral

Lunch done. Three beers 1.30€ and free tapas, well set up I went off to roam, get lost, discover and delight in Guadix, a town I've visited before and will no doubt visit again.  Just one of the many reasons I love where I live! Good beer, great food an incredible history leaving behind amazing places to discover and fascinating moments.

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