Salmorejo on the Streets of Cordoba

A city that's fascinating and fast becoming my favourite. Cordoba. As vast as its history but the heart of the old town, the site of the Mezquita and the narrow cobbled streets of the Jewish quarter are those I love.

It so happens that it's home to one of my favourite Spanish dishes, especially in the summer - Salmorejo.

What is Salmorejo? I always says it's like a thicker, much richer version of Gazpacho. A gorgeous, creamy, garlicky,  dip garnished with hard-boiled egg and jamon to be spooned up or eaten with fresh, crusty bread. On a hot (and Cordoba gets very hot) day a bowl of chilled Salmorejo and an iced beer is just the job.

I also love tiles, ceramic tiles, old tiles, concrete tiles, any tiles, so imagine my delight and speed of whipping out the camera when rounding a corner in the backstreets of Cordoba I spotted this.

Not only a street named Cordoba Salmorejo but a recipe with instructions made of tiles. Gorgeous isn't it.

For my next batch, when it warms up a little, I'll try this is the recipe. Usually I just chuck the ingredients in the food processor, but I'll be happy to weigh and follow the experts recipe.

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Where to stay in Cordoba? Here's two gorgeous hotels in and near the old quarter that I've stayed at.

Hotel Balcon de Cordoba  & Hotel Viento 10 (links go offsite to my Only Spain ~ Boutique Hotel site)

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