Jaén Cathedral

Jaén´s Cathedral dominates this small city. A vast work of Renaissance art that is going through the process as a UNESCO site of historical importance.

When I first saw it I fell in love not only with the catheral but the plaza and its atmosphere. That´s gone. The gorgeous ancient magnolia trees with stone benches in the shade were ripped out for a better view.

Now we have a boring flat paved area with silly ground-level fountains, an open space of nothingness that does nothing to enhance the cathedral. But I´ve become accustomed to it now, gone is the beauty and duende in with the modern and style-less.

If you´ve never seen the size and majesty of this enormous cathedral in one of Andalucia´s lesser known provinces have a look at this video, it maybe a little too long but has some great vista of the cathedral.

If you´re planning a visit why not check out my nearby holiday home, a great base to explore the area.

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  1. I have written a couple of things about the distruction of the Plaza de Santa Maria...
    here's an example. There is a lot about old Jaen in my photo gallery. Pictures I made between 1980 and 1992.
    greetings! - Eddy Allart

  2. Hi Eddy, thanks for the comment. It is really sad and a stupid waste of money in my opinion, but it´s done now. No atmosphere left.

    Love the photos. Would you like to Guest Blog?



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