My Favourite Museum - Museo de Agricola in Úbeda, Jaén

This post is my Across the Cafe Table chat with The Travel Belles in response to the question "What´s Your Favourite Museum?"

Without a doubt my favourite museum was a stumble-upon gasp of pleasure. I love old, battered and clutter. So when I came across a brilliant white frontage smothered in old worn implements I had to explore some more.

The Museo de Agricola is unsigned, a back street stroll, not really lost just an exploring kind of amble found me gob-wide, stock-still and camera out in the middle of the road. Well narrow back street.

Not only a display of old agricultural artifacts but a bar and restaurant filled of more of the same. Every surface, nook and bit of wall displayed an array of recognizable and completely weird with not-a-clue what they were bits and bobs.

I felt completely at home, my style, dark and cluttered, interesting and odd. My beer disappeared before my eyes stopped gazing around, and that was just the bar. The interior restaurant, a two storey now glass roofed patio, held even more items and larger ones too. Mill wheel fountains and cartwheel candle holders, yokes and churns, pots and urns.

I promised myself I´d be back to sample the restaurant museum. Promises have no completion date. So little time so much to see, an unconventional museum/bar/restaurant and my absolute favourite so far.

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