Family Games - Draco and Roll for Gold Reviews

Draco is the new family friendly game that was sent to me by Tactic Games in conjunction with It was fun. My twelve-year old overheard the coffee call, set up the game read the rules and waited to oversee our first game.

Husband against wife, mum against dad. We had a laugh. A simple backspin action of a counter sent to knock down a dragon hump or two, add it to your own dragon (which is more like the Loch Ness Monster) and the winner is the one with most humps when the main dragon has lost all its humps.

It´s fun, fast, easy and has minimum rules, I loved it, we all loved it. Make it a quick game using fewer humps or a longer game with all ten humps in play.

It´s strategic enough for older ones, fun and simple enough for younger ones and the boredom threshold and having to wait for a go is minimal.

This game for two players or in teams is well thought out, lively and speedy. The only thing I didn´t like was the absurdness of gaining power by knocking down a hump. The rules I thought were very condescendingly written and gaining power by adding a hump or two really turned me off.

I think had I read the rules first I´d have had trouble even setting the game up to play, fortunately my son read and dechipered the rules for me.

Draco is available online, for more information see Carousel Toyshop.

Roll for Gold is another game I was sent to review by Tactic Games. After a very confusing start we deciphered the rules and played a basic, lack of strategy game not unsimiliar to the game of Frustration.

It´s rather less frustrating than Frustration, if you love that game you´ll love this one and if you hate that game well be prepared to feel the same.

Any game that depends solely on dice doesn´t rate highly in our household. Saying that I think for younger players from 7+ it´s probably a good introduction to board games.

Once we´d mastered the not very well explained rules it improved, but I don´t think it will see daylight very often now it´s found space in the cupboard.

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