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Monday Morning Photo - Valdepeñas de Jaén

 Land of strong goat cheese and fabulous views, Valdepeñas de Jaén.

That Mañana Attitude and Hours Don´t Count

You know after fifteen years of living in Andalucía the attitude to time and promptness still amazes me.

We have Spanish friends that are always late, so much so that if we´re arranging to meet them at their house or a particular destination we aim to arrive 45 minutes after the agreed meeting time.

Then we still have to wait for them.

I questioned one of my mature students that comes to my house to practice his English. He´s always punctual and so are the kids delivered by their mums. "Ahh that´s because we´re paying" he said. I asked if he was on time for other things. "Only work" was the reply. If you´re meeting friends I questioned. "Well no, we say 9pm I maybe get there for 9.30 or 9.45"

I shook my head and still do.

I know it´s summer now and none of the Spanish go to bed early. Well last night we were in bed, hubby reading me lap toping when the phone went. It was 12.30am and a Spanish guy making an enquiry for a weekend in our holiday home. I mean 12.30am? Where are their manners? Ettiquete?

What do you think? I personally wouldn´t phone anyone in England after 10.30 and the Spanish well 11pm probably would be my self imposed limit. What about you?

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