Walking on the Wild Side

I dragged hubby out today. My walking partner has been away too long! Both of us were coughing and spluttering but with notebook, camera and ancient dictaphone in hands we braved the grey skies to do my short around the chapel stride.

Part way around the 45 minute up-and-down route the clouds let rip. Already muddy and olive-strewn under foot the rain beat down. I hate getting wet. No chance anyone would get me out walking in the rain let alone singing and dancing. But do you know what? It wasn´t too bad, already out there, same distance forward or back there was no other choice but get WET. But the harder it rained the more exhilarating it was, until I remembered ...

we´d a ford to cross and maybe it had become a stream or river AND my favourite old trainers had a hole in them. I´m not partial to cold wet feet either - must have been in Spain too long.

With the pace set at fast, but steady on the slippery inclines, we completed the route without taking anymore photos or talking more drivel into the tape. The notebook never left my pocket - what are memories for?

Yep to forget, still we have to go again, this was supposed to be our first trek for the self-guided walks we have planned for visitors to our Casa Rural or holiday home. Not a great success, but a definite start.

We are offering guided walks and self-guided walks from our holiday rental house this year, 2011. Why not join us? It doesn´t always rain.

If you just want to walk in this area, you can use our parking area and download the routes (soon) from walkingworld.com, or we´ll be offering day guided walks, that could be one or both of us.

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