English Lessons then Escape

After giving a Saturday morning class of future verb practice an escape was in order. Even my youngest agreed to come for walk with me, so hubby couldn´t really refuse.

We took the car a kilometre or so down the valley, with good old four-footed Jim tagging along by the rear wheel, then parked at the end of the rather muddy carril leading to the southern end of the Las Casillas reservoir.

A Moorish watchtower looms in the distance watching over the dam.

We´ve monitored the rising water level since the initial gate closure ten years ago. This year it´s the highest ever but it won´t be getting any fuller now due to cracks towards the top of the dam wall, the rest has to be let out.

The threesome.

Three out of five of "my boys", not walking!

This walk takes about one hour twenty minutes, today I remembered my pedometer but it must have been out of batteries, so it may have been one kilometre or five - I´m useless at distances.

This is another of the walks we plan to add to our walk library in our holiday rental house Casa El Reguelo.

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