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Rachel Webb Personal Trip Planner - Trip Planning in Spain

During the many years we've lived in northern Andalucia (since 1996) we have repeatedly visited lovely places, hidden corners and gorgeous hotels throughout Spain and mainly Andalucia.

Once our three sons grew up and our expeditions changed from entertaining the boys to pleasing ourselves and Boutique Hotels have become our speciality. We  use our experiences to help you to plan a perfect Spanish getaway. With or without children, with a large or a smaller budget. Let us share our extensive knowledge of Andalucia with you.

Bringing together and wanting to share our finds we created Only Spain Boutique Hotels our portfolio of gorgeous hotels and Bed & Breakfast in Spain.

This naturally led to many people asking for recommendations, routes and other travel questions which saw the beginning of our Personal Trip Planner - Spain Trip Planning service.

I have been writing and blogging about Spain since 2008 with the desire to share this beautiful part of the world that I now call home with the rest of the world.

Personal Trip Planner's in Spain

Our trip planning service offers as much or as little help as you wish to plan your perfect trip to Spain.

Just pop over to  Only Spain Boutique Hotel Trip Planning page and get in touch so we can plan your holiday to Spain.

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