Holiday Rental Portals - Where To Advertise A Spanish Holiday Home

As the owner and manager, also cleaner, painter, gardener, receiver of guests, marketer and occasional chef of a Spanish holiday home I often get asked which holiday rental portals we advertise our holiday home or Casa Rural on.

Mosaic Sign Made by My Eldest at the Local School 

We live, and our holiday home which is ten minutes away, in really rural Andalucia. The northern part of Andalucia in the south of Spain. To be precise the Sierra Sur de Jaen or Jaen's southern mountain range, a rugged area and the main olive growing area of Spain. It's not a touristy place at all and far from the beaten crowds and the beaches!

Olive Groves, Sierra Sur de Jaen,Spain
Sierra Sur de Jaen

We are just over two hours drive from Malaga airport and just over an hour from Granada airport. It's quiet (think very quiet, bird song, goat bells and as I write a woodpecker's tapping) so we have no passing traffic and therefore have to advertise our holiday home. We do this via various holiday rental portals and over the years have tried quite a few.

Holiday Home Casa El Reguelo

So come on in and let me share with you where we advertise our Casa Rural.

Which Holiday Rental Sites We Are/Advertise On
(In alphabetical Order)

These days commission based sites seem more prevalent than pay per year and some have over the years amended their pay-per-year and now allow commission-only advertising too.

Booking .com


Escapada Rural

One Off Places

Spain Holiday

If you Google Casa El Reguelo we have a business listing, a very important and free bit of marketing that you must do, as well as social media sites and another must is a Facebook page. There are also many other listings that are out of date or some sites that just take our information from other sites and use it without our permission or ever updating it.

We do of course have a website Casa El Reguelo which I am re-doing (slowly)  myself using Wordpress.

The only site we pay to advertise on now is Escapada Rural which brings us Spanish clients, the others are all commission only which costs us more in one way but less than laying out per year if the bookings we get through that site are minimal. It very much depends on location, location, location and we our not in a prime location but a glorious, unspoilt spot which is how we want it to remain! So yes, we want bookings and people to enjoy our corner of paradise but not too many!

Where do our bookings come from?

Well right now we have four. One from Booking (not my favourite), one from Clickstay, one from Escapada Rural and one through previous guests, so that doesn't help much does it? That is why we're on all these sites and will continue to be.

So if you are wondering where and how to market your holiday home I hope this has been at least slightly helpful.


If you are thinking of joining Clickstay and use this link I get a small percentage of each booking for your first year with them (at no cost to you) to help me keep this blog going.

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