February in Inland Andalucia

An absolutely glorious day, again finds me in the sunshine on the patio with dog at feet, chickens clucking and a distant knocking and whirring as olives are being harvested.

I´m working too, in pyjamas, breakfast al fresco over there´s finger tapping to be done. It´s hard to work when holiday mode takes over. But there´s my Casa Rural El Reguelo website to finish, my PR coaching course work to do and the regular writing commitments to complete.

Patio Views

Patio views with my mosaic "workshop" included

Both hubby and I are hoarders, collecters and recyclers of all things. We´ve many bike bits, go-cart parts, solar panel making items, converted wheelchairs and more, he fixes anything and everything, a qualified Spanish plumber and solar panel installer and inventer, I try to look into the distance above the clutter.

Have a look at some of our mosaics, hubby does the metal frames, I make the mosaic work and the two are fixed together with wire and tile cement to create a solid unmoveable top.

Our patio table has been in temperatures of over 40C and -3C and apart from the odd bleach and metal repainting is as good as new. Finally a table that can live permanently outdoors.

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